Principal's message

The aim of the school is to give our students on all round education-physical ,intellectual,moral,social and Aesthetic based on high ideals and profound Principals.

All these aspects of education are well attended to and the pupils are trained to play their part in life through carefully planned and organized activities enabling them to appreciate moral values,concern for the neighbour, refinement and behaviour and a love of culture particularly of our own land great emphasiss is based on discipline and character formation.

C.S.R.V Vidya Ashram aims not only on high standards in academic but strives as well as to form our students in to well balanced and intigrated personalities fit to be worthly and royal citizens of our countr.

Rules and Regulations


School Uniform, School Building


An architecturally sound and earth quake proof building has been built and on progress along with well laid out lawn and beautiful land scape to provide an excellent education enviornment.

Academic Session and Examination System

Extra coaching and Computer Section

Keeping in view the academic problems of the area facilities for extra coaching will be made available for class IInd onward to needy students.Learning the use of computers is becoming indispensable for day work and jobs. these computer are good tools of learning and recreation. keeping this in viwe a well equipped computer lab with 20 branded computer and latest educational software has been set up. multimedia fecilities on modern techniques of learning are also available.

Counselling and Career Guidance

Students of senior class well be offered carrier information counseling and guidance personal problems of students are also attended.

Activity Center

The School shall house an activity center where students will be given classes in Dance, Music, Arts, Crafts, Clay,Modelling, Painting Drawing, Gardening etc.

Proper facilities exist for the physical education of a child. A child can take up the sports liking of his/her and the school impart all required training to get the child to achieve proficiency in the sports. various educational visit and field trips are recognized in an academic year.

For Junior Section

We have the following Co-curricular activities

1.Recitation of rhymes and poetry with action and rhythm

2. Drawing and painting.

3. Music and dance.


5.Cutting and pasting

7.gardening and Meditation

For Senior Section

We have folliwing co-curricular activities

1.Drawing and painting

2.Dramatics{English and Hindi}

3.Art and Crafts

4.Music and Dance

5.Yoga and Meditation



8.Music and Vocal

9.Glass painting


11.Clay Modeling.