C.S.R.V. Vidya Ashram Chaumuhan Mathura believes that a school is the foundry of the virtues of a being. It is workshop that shapes the young of citizen who shall make our country and our civilization of tommorrow. C.S.R.V. Vidya Ashram's aims to present itself as the first interface of a child between him/her and the outside World.A place where a tender and submissive child is nurtured with love care and expertise to transform her/him through the years into a strong and capable human being your system works to uncover the true talent hidden within every child by providing a stimulating and iteractive enviornment to bring it to its fullest potential . Absoulte stress is also laid to inculate self discipline in a child and mark him /her own responsibilities .Students are encouraged to ask questions instead the other way round because we believe that a curious mind is the receptacle of learning. We allow young children to explore 'the outside' because learning cannot be confined within the four walls of the classroom and that there is no better teacher than nature. We have embraced technology and innovation with an open mind because children of this millennium have to master technology and not become its slave. Our efforts are backed by the ergonomic and scientifically designed campuses which are a learning space as a whole. Emphasis is been laid on utilizing natural resources to the fullest. Students are taught the importance of environmental conservation through conscious minimizing and recycling of waste and making the school a zero - tolerant zone for plastics and polybag.